The Tri-Cities was under a Code Orange Health Advisory through midnight Tuesday. This means that ground level Ozone concentrations within the region may approach or exceed unhealthy standards.

Good ozone vs. bad ozone?

Not all ozone is considered harmful. The ozone that exists in the Stratosphere is actually beneficial and can protect us from the harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun.

Ground level ozone is produced by a chemical reaction involving sunlight and carbon emissions. This is why the greatest impact is felt from sunrise to sunset during the summer months.

This ozone is harmful due to its ability to impact our lungs. Most of the general public is not affected. Groups that can be impacted include active adults and children as well as people who suffer from respiratory or cardiac diseases. Active is defined as spending

Protecting yourself from ground level Ozone

  • Limit extended time spent outdoors and heavy outdoor exertion
  • Take more breaks and do it often
  • Reduce physical exertion while exercising outdoors
  • Schedule outdoor activities in the morning
  • People with asthma should keep rescue inhalers close by and follow doctor’s orders

Reducing ground level Ozone production

  • Make less car trips running errands
  • Carpool to work or school
  • Wait until after 8p (sunset) to use gasoline-powered engines or fill up gas cans
  • Utilize bicycles whenever possible for transportation

Keep these tips and advice in mind whenever an Ozone Action Day is in effect and you can keep you and your families safe.