Starwatch: First full moon of spring season, the Worm Moon

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The first full moon of spring occurs on Sunday, March 28. Recall the moon is technically full at an exact time. The full moon this month is at 2:48 pm EDT.

Most of the time, the March full moon occurs before the spring equinox, in the winter. This year it occurs in the spring. 

The March full moon is known as the Worm Moon. This name comes from the earthworms that emerge this time of year.

The moon will be rising in the east at 7:53 pm and sets in the west at 7:33 am.

Some people might consider this full moon to be a supermoon. This is because it is the fourth-closest full moon of the year. The next three full moons will be closer with the May full moon being the official supermoon. 

Thanks to EarthSky, NASA, and Time and Date

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