Starwatch Blog: A handful of planets visible for the first week of August

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Starwatch Blog for the week of August 3-9, 2020
Five planets will be visible this month, here is a look at where you can find them this week.

Jupiter and Saturn
This dynamic duo continues to shine shortly after sunset every night. These planets rise in the southeast, with a Full Moon tonight right behind them. They stay out all night as they work their way towards the southwest.  Jupiter is the brighter of the two.

The brightest object in the sky, behind the moon and the sun, is Venus! Venus will rise in the east sky in the middle of the night. You can get a good view before sunrise. 

In order to see Mercury, look to the lower left of Venus right before dawn. The time frame to see this planet is much shorter. Search for Mercury right before sunrise, low on the horizon. 

As you keep looking in the east sky, search for Mars after midnight. The Red Planet does actually have a yellow-orange shine from here on Earth. Mars will rise high into the sky towards daybreak. Here is a cool thought: the Mars Perseverance Rover left Earth on July 30 and is on its way to Mars, right now! The rover won’t arrive on Mars until about midway through February 2021. 

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