Starwatch: A rare Blue Moon shares the sky with red Mars on Halloween

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A rare Blue Moon occurs on Halloween this year!

A Blue Moon is named when it is the second full moon of the month. The first full moon occurred on October 1st. The full moon on Halloween occurs at exactly 9:49am, when it is most opposite of the sun. The next full moon on Halloween doesn’t occur until 2039. The next Blue moon occurs in August of 2023 which will be a Blue Moon Supermoon. 

This is also called a micro-moon because it is the most distant and smallest full moon of the year, at about 252,380 miles away from Earth. 

Red Mars will also be bright in our Halloween night sky near the moon.

The moon will be rising in the east sky just after sunset on Halloween. Mars will be located just above and to the right of the moon. By midnight, both will be high in the south sky with mars to the right of the moon. Mars will be setting in the west sky by 5am and the moon sets just after sunrise. 

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