(WJHL) – Did you notice the haze in our sky Tuesday? Check out the view from our Bank of Tennessee camera in north Johnson City late in the afternoon.

Clouds rolling in from the southwest coupled with smoke coming all the way from wildfires in Canada and the western U.S. created a hazy sky Tuesday locally. The combination of the two led to limited sunshine.

The smoke and haze are actually a problem across much of the northern half of the country. Smoke is much thicker across the Ohio Valley and the Northeast. It is leading to an awful smell and some of the worst air quality in years. Air quality isn’t as much of a concern for the Tri-Cities and Southwest Virginia at this point, but a Code Orange air quality alert is in effect through Wednesday night.

The winds well above our heads are transporting the smoke from the north and west. The haze may get even worse at times in the Tri-Cities Wednesday afternoon as some of our high-resolution computer models indicate. If you have a sensitive respiratory system, listen to your body, and limit time outside if necessary. But again, air quality isn’t as big of a deal here as it is well to our north.