TRI-CITIES (WJHL) — Power is gradually being restored to customers throughout the Tri-Cities following severe wind and storms on Friday. News Channel 11 provided live updates on outages across the region.


  • Lamar: around 52 out
  • Telford: 142 out
  • Cherokee: 54 out
  • 107 area: around 56 out
  • Northwest JC: 99 out
  • Southwest JC: 139 out
  • Limestone: 16 out
  • Jonesborough: 104 out
  • Piney Flats: 189 out

BrightRidge updated customers at around 9 p.m.:

“With today’s extreme weather of thunderstorms, rain, and high winds, BrightRidge crews have been working power outages since around 4:00 pm. At one time, BrightRidge had over 5,500 customers without power, but as of 9:00 pm that number is down to just 1,463 customers.

Crews have found broken poles and tree limbs that have knocked down wires causing the outages. It will likely take all night and into tomorrow to restore everyone since it’s wet and some outages are in hard-to-reach areas. All BrightRidge crews and Contractors are working now and will continue until all customers are restored.

Please consider checking on older friends, neighbors, and relatives. If someone has a medical device that regularly needs charging, it is critical that extra batteries and medical supplies be kept on hand as well pre-planned alternative charging arrangements in case of a lengthy outage.

Further, never attempt to move or handle downed power lines. Instead, notify BrightRidge via phone at 423-952-5000. Please note, social media accounts are not monitored 24/7 and are not intended for emergency use.”


Bristol, Virginia Utilities

  • Bristol: 470 out

Appalachian Power

  • Kingsport/Mt. Carmel: 1,600 out
  • Abingdon: 1,300 out
  • Nickelsville: 75 out
  • Damascus/White Top: 1,100

Greeneville Light and Power

  • Greeneville/Tusculum: around 80 out

Holston Electric

  • Hawkins County: Around 75 out