(WJHL) — The smoke and haze made for a pretty sunrise Wednesday morning across the area. These pictures are from Ron Lewis at Watauga Lake and Denise Fischer in Stoney Creek.

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The jet stream, or wind flow about 30,000 feet, is steering smoke from fires out in the western U.S. and Canada. Even though an air quality alert hasn’t been issued for the Tri-Cities area Thursday, it will still likely be hazy because the overall pattern won’t change. The flow is coming straight from the northern Plains.

In fact, some of our computer models are keeping that smoky haze in the sky at times Thursday.

By the weekend, the upper-level flow may adjust just enough to keep some of the smoke out of our sky and create less haze from the wildfires. However, the humidity will be going up and you may notice a few more clouds. There will also be the potential for spotty thunderstorms.