Exercise enthusiasts stress the importance of staying hydrated in the heat

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The heat across much of the eastern half of the country through Saturday will be driven by a ridge of high pressure. This feature in the atmosphere compresses the warm air as it reaches the ground making it even hotter. Forecast highs are in the low 90s Saturday but it will feel even hotter than that.

“It’s a challenge when it’s hot and humid like this,” Michael Kidd said after biking at Tannery Knobs in Johnson City.

Kidd has been an avid biker since the mid 1980s. He said the heat can really get away from you if you’re not careful.

“You can’t ride as long,” he explained.

Since so many people are hitting the trails during the summer, what should you do?

“I use a CamelBak, put ice water in there, and drink a lot. The best you can do is you still get hot and sweaty,” Kidd said.

“I use an electrolyte supplement when it’s so muggy out like today. It just helps replenish what you’re losing through sweating,” Phoebe Remington commented after running down the Tweetsie Trail.

Remington suggests getting an early start outside during the summer.

“It’s easier to run in the morning when it’s cooler, but sometimes you just have to get it done.”

The bottom line? Don’t go anywhere without plenty of water, especially you exercise during days with high heat and humidity.

To stay ahead of the heat, and learn the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses, click here.

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