(WJHL) – A Special Weather Statement has been issued across our region today. With the very dry weather we have had this week and the very low relative humidity levels, this allows for an increase fire danger across our region.

Today, Relative Humidities will once again drop into the low to mid 20s this afternoon, with some upper teens possible. This means another very dry day across the region.

With dry air and dry vegetation, it enhances the potential for fires to start and spread while easily getting out of control.

Although our region does not fall under a Red Flag Warning, there is still an increased risk for fire danger across our region. A Red Flag Warning is issued when an area has a very high risk for fire danger, usually when very dry conditions line up with very gusty winds. In our region we are experiencing the very dry conditions, however, we will not be seeing the gusty winds.

It is highly recommended not to burn today due to these dry conditions. However, if you do plan on burning today, make sure you contact your local burn permitting authorities, have the proper permits and use extreme caution when burning.

Also with increased fire danger, air quality alerts can also become an issue. Parts of our region is experiencing some moderate concerns for air quality. You can see the air quality in your region online.