This week on Star Watch we will be talking about a couple of planets that you can see in the night sky this weekend.

But first, we’ve got to talk about that time change!

Everyone is going to be turning their clocks forward by one hour on Sunday at 02:00AM!

We will be seeing more daylight later as well as seeing more daylight during the day. After the time change, we will continue to see about a minute more of daylight every day until the Summer Solstice on June 21st, 2023.

Today that sunrise was at at 06:49AM and will be setting at about 6:30 PM. On Sunday, the sun will rise at 07:44AM and will set at 07:34PM.

This weekend, you’ll actually be able to see Jupiter and Venus a little bit later about an hour after sunset. With that time change, you probably wont be seeing the stars until about 8PM. You will be able to see both of these planets about nine celestial degrees apart in the western sky! They will also be very easy to see with the naked eye. Just have to look for 2 bright stars in the Western sky just after sunset.