Starwatch: Find the Andromeda Galaxy


This week, the moon will be setting earlier in the evenings. This will allow for a darker sky overnight this week as the moon rises in the mornings and sets by early evenings. The moon sets at 6:16 pm tonight in the Tri-Cities and does not rise until around 5:00 am tomorrow. 

For this week’s Starwatch try to find the Andromeda Galaxy! Keep in mind, you need a dark sky, away from city lights to see a galaxy. 

This Galaxy is the farthest thing you can see with your eye alone. But of course, binoculars or a telescope will make this much easier. 

The best way to find the Andromeda Galaxy is looking for nearby constellations.

First, you can look for Cassiopeia. This constellation is an M or W shaped pattern. If you can find this in the east sky, then look just to the right for the Andromeda Galaxy.

You can also look for the constellation Pegasus. Pegasus contains a pattern of stars called the Great Square. Look just below, and to the left to find the constellation Andromeda, and you’ll find the galaxy!

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