If clouds work in our favor, you will be able to see two planets and the Harvest Moon this week in the night sky! 

The moon will appear full tonight and just to the left of it about 45 minutes after sunset and looking at the Southeast sky. Look for a yellow colored star just to the left of the moon and you will actually be able to see the planet Saturn!  

If you wake up early enough on Saturday at about 05:59 AM in the East-Southeast sky. You will be able to see the full Harvest Moon! This is the exact time when the moon will be at it’s fullest, but it will still look full for the next few nights.  

But how exactly did the Harvest Moon actually get its name? 

Well it actually gave farmers more light just after Twilight to work in the fields during the busy harvest time back before farm equipment had headlights. 

You will also be able to see the planet Jupiter this weekend! If you’re looking at the moon Saturday night in the the East-Southeast sky, a bright star will just to the left and that is the planet Jupiter! 

Keep Stargazing!