The forecast is working in our favor to see a meteor shower coming up this weekend.

The Northern Taurids meteor shower will actually be visible at about 11:00PM-midnight on Saturday night. But if you aren’t able to get outside on Saturday, it can be visible on Sunday as well as the peak activity is November 11th into the 12th. 

You will actually be able to see about 5 to 10 meteors per hour. But, you will definitely need to keep your eyes peeled because these meteors we’ll be moving very quickly at 18 miles per second. And not only is the forecast looking good to see this meteor shower, the moon will actually still be in its new phase so the moonlight should not affect meteors from being seen.

Now, the best way in order to see the Northern Taurids meteor shower is to look into the southern sky and get in an open field. It is best to wait a few minutes to allow your eyes to adjust. And before you know it, you’ll be able to see those meteors zooming across the sky.