This week on Star Watch we are going to be talking about a planetary conjunction that’s going to be happening Friday night.

But what exactly is a planetary conjunction. A planetary conjunction is a celestial event that happens when 2 or more astronomical objects are close together in the night sky.

We will not only be seeing a conjunction with one planet, but with 2 tomorrow night. At about 09:30PM, tomorrow night the moon will be conjoining with both Mars and Mercury. In the southern sky, Mars will only be about 2 degrees away from the moon and Mercury will be about 6 degrees away from the moon.

Both Mars and Mercury will be just to the right of the moon. Mars will look like a small red star right next to the moon and Mercury will look like a small tan star just to the lower right of the moon.

There will also be another planet you can see in the night sky Friday night. You will also be able to see the planet Venus in the Southwestern Sky. Venus will look like a bright white star in the night sky with the conjoining moon and planets close by.

Happy star and planet gazing!