Severe Weather Awareness Week, Monday: Flooding and Flash Floods


Severe Weather Awareness Week

It’s Severe Weather Awareness Week in Tennessee! Monday’s topic is Flooding and Flash Floods.

Do you know what to do if you approach a flooded roadway? Turn around, don’t drown is a slogan the National Weather Service has come up with in hopes to keep people from making the wrong choice.

The NWS reports more deaths occur due to flooding than any other hazard in a thunderstorm. Most of these flood-related deaths occur when a vehicle is driven into a flooded area. The next large percentage of deaths occurs from people walking into flood waters. Many underestimate the power and force of water. Six inches of rushing flood water can knock an adult off their feet and 12 inches can move a car! 

Knowing what to do before, during, and after a flood can save your life.

BEFORE Have a plan.

Sometimes meteorologists can forecast where and when a flood may happen, other times flash flooding can occur within moments. If you know you are in a flood prone area, it is important to have a plan. Whether it is to prepare your home with sandbags or to evacuate to higher ground, knowing what you will do when a disaster strikes can save your life and property. 

DURING Avoid flood water as much as possible and stay informed.

Keep in mind, the flow and level of flood waters can change drastically in seconds. Stay informed with Storm Team 11 on-air and online when flooding strikes. Having a NOAA Weather Radio is a great resource as well. If you are told to evacuate, do so as soon as possible. If you find yourself caught in rising flood water, seek higher ground immediately.  

AFTER Avoid disaster areas.

It is so important to stay out of flooded waters as submerged electrical wires can shock you, debris can cause injury, and there may even animals or chemicals can can harm you.

Do you know the difference between a Flood Watch and Warning? 

  • Flood Watch: Be Prepared: A Flood Watch is issued when conditions are favorable for flooding.
  • Flood Advisory: Be Aware: A Flood Advisory is issued when flooding is not expected to be bad enough to issue a warning. However, it may cause significant inconvenience.
  • Flood Warning: Take Action! A Flood Warning is issued when flooding is imminent or occurring.
  • Flash Flood Warning: Take ActionA Flash Flood Warning is issued when a flash flood is imminent or occurring. A flash flood is a sudden violent flood that can take from minutes to hours to develop.

Stay informed with Storm Team 11 on-air, online, and through our WJHL Weather App available for download in your app store.

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