An Ozone Action Day has been declared for Tuesday.

Ozone Action Day for Tuesday for the Tri-Cities, TN

High pressure centered across the mid-Mississippi Valley will allow the air to sink, compress and warm. This will send our afternoon temperature to 90 to 92 degrees Tuesday. It will also act like a lid trapping pollutants close to the ground. Ozone concentrations are greatest during the afternoon hours. Ozone also contributes to haze that we have in the atmosphere.

Make sure you reduce or limit prolonged outdoor activities and exertion tomorrow. Plan on working in the yard early in the morning or during the early evening hours. Ozone levels are lower during these times. Take frequent breaks and watch for symptoms such as shortness or breath or coughing.

If you suffer from heart disease and experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, palpitations or unusual fatigue, contact your health provider.

If you suffer from asthma or breathing issues, limit you outdoor activities and keep medicine handy.