This week on Star Watch you will not only be able to see 1 planet in the sky, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 planets in the night sky this week!

Mark your calendars on March 28th just after sunset to see a spectacular sight!

You will be able to see Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus throughout the night sky.

Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will be the 3 easiest to spot with the naked eye.

Looking in the Western sky just above the horizon, you will be able to see two bright tan stars side by side to one another. That will be Jupiter and Mercury! Those planets will only be 1.3 Celestial degrees apart.

Just above Jupiter and Mercury also in the Western Sky will be a bright white star. That will be the planet Venus! This will be the easiest planet to see of the 5 planets that will be out on the night of the 28th!

You will also be able to see Mars very easily with your own eyes in the Southwest sky! Looking at the moon in it’s Waning Crescent phase just off to the right will be a bright red colored star.

The last planet that will be out on the night of the 28th will be Uranus, but you will definitely need the help of binoculars or a telescope to see it high in the West-Southwest sky. You will be keeping an eye out for a faint light blue colored star high in between the space of Venus and Mars!

Happy Stargazing!