This week on Star Watch, the Pink Moon will be bright in the sky! But unfortunately, the moon won’t actually look pink. It is just the name.

The full moon of April is the Pink Moon!

And you’ll be able to see it tonight! Make sure you get out there to see this beautiful moon that’s going to be high in the sky.

The Pink Moon got it’s name refers to all the beautiful flowers that bloom during spring, specifically the pink wildflower called the “creeping phlox”.

This moon is also called the “Budding Moon” because of all the flowers that bloom during this month.

Tomorrow you will actually the full moon and 2 planets! Venus and Mercury will be bright in sky!

These planets will be just above the horizon in the Western sky! Both planets will be very easy to spot with the naked eye! Just keep an eye out for 2 bright tan stars! The best time to see them will be just after sunset at about 08:00PM!