Maintaining your garden during the summer months


(WJHL) — As we continue to spring into summer, the focus of gardening starts to change. Andrew Valk with Evergreen of Johnson City says you should be cognizant of how you water this time of year.   

“The best thing you can do right now, truthfully is water, a heavy deep watering,” he explained. 

He strongly recommends watering in the morning. Otherwise, less is more when it comes to work in the garden. 

“The plant — whether it’s a tree, shrub, annual, a vegetable, a perennial — has a lot of stress, environmental stresses, on it,” Valk explained. “You want to minimize what you really do to try to conserve what you can do so whether that’s conserve moisture, conserve growth, conserve or prolong bloom time.”

Experts say mulch retains a lot of its moisture, and that’s probably a good thing as we head into the peak summer months with the sun beating down on your garden. However, if the afternoon sun is too much, find a way to cool the soil. 

“You could easily put a light shade cloth over top or right beside on that north to south facing side,” Valk said. 

Maybe you’re itching to plant something new. Valk recommends sticking to trees and shrubs this summer.

“If you do establish them right, and get well-drained soil, and get the roots established, trees and shrubs, you can really take advantage of a tremendous opportunity in the summer months to plant,” he explained. 

But don’t forget to take preventative measures to avoid unwanted guests like insects, birds or rodents so your garden can stay healthy all summer long.  

“You got to start early because once they’re established, they really wreak havoc. Walk around a plant that’s newly planted, especially like a fleshy tomato, or anything like that,” Valk said.

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