This week on Star Watch we will talk about a few planets you can see this week as well as a classic constellation.

On February 17th about an hour after sunset, you can see Jupiter and Venus in the Western sky. Keep an eye out for two tan stars about 4 fingers above the horizon! But in order to see the planets in full detail, a pair of binoculars or a telescope will be helpful.

The Big Dipper can be seen on the night of February 18th at about 9PM! If you look carefully you can see this classis constellation high in the Northeast Sky. The best way to find the Big Dipper is to keep an eye out for a light pink star at “the tip of the spoon”! The star Dubhe is the star you should keep an eye out for and it will have a light pink hue. The rest of the stars in the constellation will be bright white.

If you cant see Venus and Jupiter on the 17th, well you are in luck! There will be a second chance to see Venus and Jupiter as well as Uranus February 21st. In the Western sky, you’ll be able to see Jupiter, Venus and Uranus as well as the silhouette of the moon. The Moon will be in its new phase on February 20th, but usually you wont be able to see it in the night sky. However, with the sun’s light reflecting off the earth, the silhouette of the moon will visible with the naked eye.

That’s all for Star Watch this week! keep Stargazing Everybody!