Perfect Fall Weather 

After some patchy fog, get ready for a perfect October day with sunshine and low 60s midday, low 70s late this afternoon for the Tri-Cities, low 60s in the mountains.  

Storm Team 11 Forecast
High Temperatures Today

Milder Change  

Temperatures continue to trend into the mid-70s Thursday with more abundant sunshine. An uneventful cool front passes through Friday afternoon delivering slightly cooler conditions for the weekend.  

Thursday High Temperatures

Weekend Outlook  

Weather conditions look good for the weekend activities with sunshine and low to mi- 60s Saturday, mid-60s Sunday. A warming trend returns next week.  

Weekend Outlook

Fall Color Update 

Look for more color in the high elevations this week, especially with ideal weather conditions.  Low elevations will see some spotty color as well.  Looking forward to brighter colors in the next few weeks.  Latest fall color forecast available here

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