Ask Storm Team 11: What leads to significant weather changes this time of year?

Ask Storm Team 11

Why such significant weather change this time of year?

I think it’s safe to say, most of us get excited for the fall season especially after our endless summer days. But what promotes such a big difference in the weather? Well, the seasonal change is generally driven by the earth’s rotation around the sun. During the summer season, the northern hemisphere’s tilt towards the sun provides longer and warmer days, while much of the arctic air is bottled up over the arctic region. During the start of the fall season, both hemispheres receive the same amount of light as the sun angle takes aim directly over the equator. In the northern hemisphere, the amount of sunlight decreases each day with a continual shift towards the winter season which begins in late December. With less daylight, naturally temperatures will be cooler.

Another big reason for the significant weather change is a more active jetstream. A more active jetstream means a higher amplitude pattern, which drives in colder arctic air that clashes with the warmer air. This clash in air masses leads to stronger storm systems and more significant weather changes. Between the shorter days and the jetstream diving southward more frequently, our weather begins to change significantly, getting us ready for even colder changes that occur during the winter season.

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