Ask Storm Team 11: How many 90 degree days have we had this year?

Ask Storm Team 11

Tuesday’s Ask Storm Team 11 question was: “How many 90 degree days have we had this year?”

Through August 27, the Tri-Cities Airport (TRI) has officially recorded 28 90-degree days so far this year. The 30-year average is 19 days.

In 2016, TRI had a record number of 90 degree days in a year. There were 62 days in the 90s that year. The hottest temperature that year was 98 degrees.

September can still be hot, too. We hit 100 degrees on September 6 and 7 in 1954. Last year, we reached 90 degrees ten times and our last day in the 90s was October 6.

Needless to say every year is different. We can’t write off this year just yet as we could see more 90 degree days as we get ready to head into September.

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