Ask Storm Team 11: How hot does it get in vehicles and on surfaces?

Ask Storm Team 11

Tuesday’s Ask Storm Team 11 question: “How hot does it get in a parked car? What about the pavement?”

It doesn’t take long for the inside of a vehicle to heat up. When the outside temperature is 85 degrees, it doesn’t even take 10 minutes for the temperature to reach 100 degrees inside a vehicle. After 30 minutes, the interior temperature is approaching 120 degrees. If the temperature outside is 90 degrees, as you might expect, it gets hotter even quicker. In just 10 minutes, the temperature inside a vehicle climbs to almost 110 degrees. After 30 minutes, it’s around 125 degrees. Never leave kids or pets in a car – even for just a few minutes. 

Speaking of pets, keep in mind concrete and asphalt can get dangerously hot for their paws because these surfaces absorb heat. When the temperature is 90 degrees, it’s 125 degrees on concrete and 140 degrees on asphalt. If it’s too hot for you to touch for five or ten seconds, it’s too hot for your dog or cat. 

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