Ask Storm Team 11: Can tornadoes form in November and December?

Ask Storm Team 11

Ask Storm Team 11: Can tornadoes form in November and December? 

Today’s Ask Storm Team 11 question is, “Can tornadoes form in November and December?”.

The answer is yes, tornadoes can occur at any point in the year. Spring is the peak season for tornado activity, but tornadoes can certainly occur in November and December. 

Tornadoes in the spring typically occur in supercell thunderstorms, while tornadoes in the fall and winter typically occur along cold fronts.

Cold fronts separate cold and warm air masses, this helps create thunderstorms. Strong cold fronts during these months can produce strong squall lines. A squall line is a group of thunderstorms arranged in a line that produces heavy rain and strong winds. 

Within strong squall lines tornadoes can form. They are usually brief and weak tornadoes, but they can produce damage. 

Some nearby, notable November and December tornadoes:

Closest: F-1 | Hamblen County, TN | 1985
Strongest: F-3 | Morgan County, TN | 2002

Closest: F-1 | Greene County, TN | 1973
Strongest: F-2 | Polk County, TN | 1973

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