Ask Storm Team 11: When is our last frost?


Thursday’s Ask Storm Team 11 question comes from Bobby Boyd. He asked: When do you expect the last frost? 

You can find frost well into the spring months in our area. It often forms on clear, cold nights when the winds are light.  

Usually our last frost in the Tri-Cities area happens between May 1 and 10. In the higher elevations, as you might expect, the last frost can come a little later between May 10 and 25. This is a general idea, not a hard and fast rule, based on data from the last 30 years. 

It’s best to wait until after the last frost before you start getting your spring garden going. 

If you’re protecting your plants, keep them watered. Move plants inside your garage or on the porch if you can. Usually gardens away from the house will get colder. 

If you have the plant, use a light fabric like a sheet. Don’t use plastic because once the sun comes up, as it warms up, it can actually damage the plant. 

All of you who have a green thumb, keep in mind we still might have another frost or two before the season is over.

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