Ask Storm Team 11: What is the largest temperature change in 24 hours?


It is not uncommon for highs to be in the 60s one day, to highs in the 40s the next day here in the Tri-Cities. Just how big can these temperature changes get?

Today’s Ask Storm Team 11 question is “What is the largest temperature change in 24 hours?”

The largest temperature change ever recorded within 24 hours took place in Loma, Montana. An extreme 103 F temperature range in less than a day occurred in January of 1974!

On the morning of the 14th, a strong high pressure assisted in a rapid cool down thanks to clear skies and calm winds, plus some snow cover helped as well. A temperature of -54 F was recorded around 9 A.M.

The next morning, the high pressure moved east, this allowed strong winds from the west to develop. Warmer, maritime Pacific air and down-sloping winds allowed for a rapid warm up. At 8 A.M., a temperature of 54 F was recorded!

To put this into a better perspective, imagine waking up this morning to a temperature of 10 F, then tomorrow morning you wake up to a temperature of 113 F! A 103 F temperature change in less than a day is a dramatic and an extreme change!

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