Ask Storm Team 11: Tornado myths and safety


In Tuesday’s Ask Storm Team 11, we talk about the right from the wrong when there’s a tornado threat. Keep in mind, well before a concern for tornadoes, you should dust off your family’s severe weather plan. Remember, it’s best to get into a basement or small interior room like a bathroom or closet. 

Do not open the windows in your home to equalize pressure. By doing so, strong winds can get inside a home and raise the risk of peeling off the roof and damaging the structure.

While it may be tempting, don’t look out the window when a tornado warning is issued. Our curiosity to get the best of us sometimes. Instead, you should seek shelter immediately! Most people who die in a tornado get hit by debris, glass or other projectiles. 

Even though mobile homes don’t attract tornadoes, they are commonly heavily damaged or destroyed during even a weak tornado. You should not ride out a tornado in a mobile home! 

Never outrun a tornado in a car as they can change direction without warning.

And if you’re outside, don’t seek shelter under an overpass. These can act as a wind tunnel can put someone’s odds of getting killed or seriously injured by flying debris. You’re better off going inside a sturdy building nearby or as a last resort, lying flat in a ditch.

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