Ask Storm Team 11: Summer clouds in the sky


For Thursday’s Ask Storm Team 11 we break down the types of clouds you typically see in the summer. 

First up are cumulus clouds. These are perfect clouds to pick shapes out of while lounging outside!

They are the puffy, cotton ball like clouds. The base of a cumulus cloud is typically flat, this typically indicates the height at which rising air condenses to form a cloud! 

Cumulus clouds do not produce rain themselves. It’s when they build up into towering cumulonimbus clouds, up to 50,000 feet up! This happens when there is enough instability and heat in the atmosphere to fire up thunderstorms.  

Another cloud type you may come across this summer is a shelf cloud. These are ominous looking clouds are the leading edge of a thunderstorm. If you see a shelf cloud heading your way, expect gusty winds and heavy rain! 

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