Ask Storm Team 11: Driving in heavy rain


Tuesday’s Ask Storm Team 11 question comes from Sammy Abelseth. He asked: “Is it safe to drive in heavy rain?”

It may sound obvious but you should never let your guard down when it comes to driving in heavy rain.

A simple rule to remember is when your wipers are going, your headlight should be on. That not only makes it safer for you but also for other drivers. 

Avoid cruise control in heavy rain.

Also, increase your following distance between you and the car in front of you.
Slow down to avoid hydroplaning and don’t slam on your breaks, especially if you find yourself hydroplaning.

Remember if you encounter rising floodwaters, turn around and don’t drown. Heavy rain in a short period of time can cause a quick water rise in low-lying areas and near rivers, creeks and streams. Water is a strong force of nature. It only takes 6 inches of water to knock you off your feet. It only take one foot to sweep a car or SUV away.

Don’t risk it!

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