A kitten that was allegedly pepper sprayed has been found, treated, and is awaiting a new home. 

According to Kim Livesay, the cat was taken to Robinson Animal Shelter for treatment and is doing OK. 

Tuesday, Bristol, Virginia Police told News Channel 11 they were investigating after a video surfaced showing two teenagers pepper spraying a kitten. 

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The video, originally posted by the suspects to Snapchat, was shared hundreds of times on social media.

Captain Maynard Ratcliff says they have identified a 17-year-old suspect. Accoring to Ratcliff, the teenager intended it as a prank. 

Petitions have been filed in Juvenile Domestic Relations Court. A judge will decide whether to pursue charges, offer probation or drop the case all together.

Ratcliff says the alleged female suspect is the only person with a court petition. The male who took the video will not face any charges.