Tri-Cities woman determined to find her dog that was attacked by a bear in Dennis Cove

A Tri-Cities woman has been searching for her dog, Bueford, for more than 48 hours. Bueford is a black hound that was attacked by a bear at Dennis Cove on Tuesday. Two days later, the search continues.

Anna was on a hike with her three dogs Tuesday evening, when she noticed Bueford started limping.

“We had already walked a little bit and he was having trouble with his paw that had been injured from a bear trap,” Lowe said.

So she decided to cut their hike short and head back towards her car. That’s when a bear popped out on the trial and started coming towards Anna and her dogs.

“My dog were trying so hard to get away from that bear that it got away from me,” Lowe said.

Bueford pulled so hard that his leash came lose. Anna’s inital reaction was to run to safety hoping all three of her dogs would follow.

“Daisy and Flash came back but Bueford didn’t,” Lowe said.

Now, Anna is determined to find her dog. Lowe spent much of Wednesday evening searching for Bueford, telling us, she spotted a mother bear and two cubs while searching for her dog. She found no blood or dog hair found along the trail, leading her to believe Bueford is still alive.

“The Watagua Ranger district came out and helped me for about two hours and they didn’t see anything,” she said. “I’m putting these flyers out now so if anybody sees him please let me know.”

Anna believes Bueford could be in the Dennis Cove or Roan Mountain area and is posting flyers along neighboring campgrounds, urging the community to call her if someone finds Bueford. Her contact information is 423-647-1432.

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