Tennessee’s oldest town is taking a leap into the future. 

They’re among the first across the country getting the fastest broadband services available. 

Brightridge announced the news on Thursday with a ribbon cutting. 

Jonesborough is only the sixth area in the country to receive the 10-gigabit fiber optic internet. Jonesborough is the second area in Tennessee to get the service, joining Chattanooga. 

Main Street Cafe and Catering is one of the lucky businesses to receive the 10 gig broadband. 

It allows users to upload and download at the same fast speed. With lower gig internet, the downloading process can be a lot slower. 

Right now, BrightRidge is working to get this service out in phases across Washington County, TN.

The owner of Main Street Cafe, Zac Jenkins, is excited to be among the first to get the service.

“This was a great opportunity because there’s a couple [of] buildings right here that don’t have the infrastructure for cable. So it’s been awesome for them to be able to help us put the infrastructure in,” said Jenkins. 

This 10 gig broadband service will be available to all of Washington County within phases. BrightRidge is still in the first phase of this process. BrightRidge CEO, Jeff Dykes, said he’s excited to see this happening in the oldest town in Tennessee. 

“To be able to launch broadband internet and a 10 gig service with that type of history behind it, we’re moving forward as the town of Jonesborough, we’re moving forward to move to the future,” said Dykes.

The next place to receive the 10 gig services is areas of Johnson City. 

Cities that already have the 10 Gigabit residential Internet services include Chattanooga, Salisbury, N.C., Detroit, Minneapolis, and the region of southern Vermont according to BrightRidge.