Records request reveals stalking allegations against school board member in 2014

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Washington County, Tennessee School records reveal stalking allegations against a school board member before he was arrested twice this year in less than one month.

David Hammond appeared in court Monday on a domestic assault charge involving his former girlfriend.

Hammond waived a preliminary hearing and a grand jury will now review the case.

Hammond was arrested for the second time last week for violating an order of protection against his former girlfriend.

A public records request reveals lengthy conversations between Washington County School System leaders and two former employees in 2014.

One of those employees is Hammond’s former girlfriend. She is now accusing him of assault.

In December 2014 – school records show David Hammond’s former girlfriend – who is now accusing him of assault – called a meeting with Washington County School leaders because of his repeated calls. Her then-husband also took part.

She said in that meeting that Hammond reached out earlier in the year saying he wanted to help after she’d been relieved of her duties.

That’s when she said Hammond began doing things for her and leaving her gifts.

She said she blocked Hammond’s number and stopped answering her work phone.

“She stated that she feels intimidated by him (Mr. Hammond); he made her feel he is a high powered person by being on the school board and knowing all these people,” the report said.

She also said her relative was in the hospital and only her husband knew she was there.

Hammond later asked about that visit.

“At this time they expressed concern that they may be being followed or bugged. She said since he arranged with his friend to have my oil changed, she wonders if he bugged her car,” the report said.

The Director of Schools at the time, Ronald Dykes, asked her husband:

“When you tell David Hammond to leave your wife alone, what is his response? His response was “David said – are you threatening me? He replied – “You can take it any way you want,” the report said.

The documents show in April 2014 – another school system employee asked for a meeting because of Hammond’s behavior, saying “she felt stalked.”

She requested Hammond not attend her school’s graduation.

“She talked to an attorney lastnight to have a letter drafted and sent to David Hammond on her behalf. She said it will state that her desire is for him to leave her alone. she just wants it to stop,” the report said.

The records show she also reached out to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office – who planned to contact Hammond and let him know not to contact her and if he violated that directive – he would be facing legal action.

Former director of schools Ronald Dykes told News Channel 11 late Wednesday that he followed procedure and turned every allegation over to their attorney and board chair.

We reached out to Hammond’s attorney for comment. We’re still waiting to hear back.

Donna Bolton, the alleged assault victim’s attorney, said in part:

“What is disappointing is how many times through years the school board has been made aware of his behavior and yet continue to do nothing about it.  It is a shame.”

On Tuesday, Hammond attended his first Washington County, Tennessee School Board meeting since his second arrest on April 18th.

Hammond was arrested a second time after violating an order of protection.  He was arrested before that on March 22 after being accused of assaulting his former girlfriend.

Director of Schools Bill Flanary would not comment on camera but said the decision of Hammond’s position as a school board member is not up to the board but up to the courts.

Hammond is due back in court on July 31.

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