Limestone community recovering after severe weekend weather


A community is regrouping after severe storms tore through the region on Saturday. 

News Channel 11’s Kristen Gallant was out in the Limestone community today gathering reactions and thoughts from people as they spent the day recovering from the damage. 

Many areas were hit by the storms Saturday. A tree coming down in the middle of a mobile home. Luckily, no one was home. 

Michaela Million recently moved out of her parents home to attend college. She was with her parents as the storms rolled through on Saturday. 

“I’d moved out last year and this is like my own space. I was super excited about that, and I had just gotten stuff hung up and so that part is really sad for me. I went to town and grocery shopped with my mom and when the rain started she had me stay there,” said Million.

That’s when a tree came tumbling down into her home. 

“Luckily I wasn’t home because right, where the tree fell, is right where I would have been sitting,” she said. 

Her three Huskies were in a backyard pin and two Yorkies in a front pin. The tree busting through the front pin, but all the animals were okay. 

Million lost valuable school supplies in the storm. 

“I lost my laptop. That one kind of hurts cause I use it a lot for school,” she said. 

But she was able to salvage her backpack which had her tablet in it. Her family left to pick up the pieces Sunday. 

“Based on the stuff lost, I’m just glad everybody was okay. I’m thankful, and I just got to keep telling myself that things can be replaced. Lives can’t,” she said. 

Million is grateful to have her family for support. 

“Just keep that in mind. It could have been worse. You could have lost a loved one. You could have been injured. Material things, it might take a while, but they can be replaced.”

The Million’s own the property and say that they probably won’t rebuild although this house has been in the family for years. 

Right down the street, Angie Rosales’ home escaped damage, but her cars and yard were destroyed.

“It started raining and hailing and wind and everything. Just a boom, you know it? We had a big mess. It was awful,” said Rosales.

Her yeard was covered in leaves and tree branches, a trampoline in the backyard flew into a shed. Her garden was also impacted by the damage. 

She is thankful though that the damage wasn’t any worse. 

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