Kingsport’s ‘Fun Fest’ implementing new clear bag policy for concerts


A popular Tri-Cities festival is making some changes for efficiency and safety.

Kingsport’s Fun Fest is rolling out a brand new policy this year, requiring that people attending the festival’s concerts carry their belongings in a clear bag.

The kick off of 2018’s Fun Fest is still a few weeks away, but Thursday morning, festival employees were already hard at work putting the finishing touches on the soon-to-open Fun Fest store.

The store serves as a place to grab some gear or concert tickets for the festival – an annual event, some say they never miss.

“It’s a chance to make good memories with your family every year,” said Allyson Lee.

But this year, organizers are implementing something new.

“We’re going to a clear bag policy,” said Fun Fest Director, Lucy Fleming.

No foreign trend; we’ve seen it enforced at football stadiums and concert venues across the country.

In Kingsport, Fleming said, “It will help you get in faster. People will not have to pile through your bag, and have you stand there and pull stuff out and put it back in. They can look at a clear bag and examine it and know that everything in there is kosher for the event.”

Aside from efficiency, the measure will impact safety too.

“We can control what’s coming into the stadium, and so making sure that items that might harm somebody are not being carried in, either accidentally or purposely,” said Fleming.

But if you don’t have a fancy bag like this one, don’t sweat it.

“A gallon Ziploc bag will work just as well, and you’ve probably got one in the kitchen,” Fleming said.

And for festival fans like the Lee family, the move gets their seal of approval.

“That’s perfectly fine for safety measures. I want my family to be as safe wherever we go,” Lee said.

Another change this year – if you were thinking about bringing a cooler into this stadium for the concerts, that is also something being regulated and not allowed this summer.

The Fun Fest store officially opens its doors June 22. It will stay open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. through Fun Fest.

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