A Jonesborough native and veteran Joshua Hall received the keys to a brand new home on Saturday, June 23 thanks to the non-profit Homes for Our Troops.

Dozens of neighbors and family lined the driveway, cheering and waving flags to welcome a hero to his new home at Saturday’s dedication ceremony. 

Army Staff Sergeant Hall was injured on a tour in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. He was in a coma for weeks and lost a leg in the accident. 

He was gifted a completely accessible home for free, where he can now access every part of the house. 

“I can do more during the day, and still be able to do everything. I can live at the end of the day without having to worry about it,” says Hall.

For Hall, this new home means new freedoms, and the ability to use his wheelchair in his home. 

“I haven’t got to touch my wheelchair in years, I used to hate that thing but now its just another tool to be able to rest so I can get back at it the next day and this house will help me do all of that,” says Hall.  

The house is decked out with a wheelchair accessible shower and kitchen, pull down shelving, low counter and stove tops, wide doorways, remote controlled blinds and more. 

Home for Our Troops CEO Tom Landwermeyer says making veterans’ lives easier is their goal. 

“We get rid of those challenges that are impeding and restricting the freedom and independence that everyone deserves,” says Landwermeyer.

Hall expressed his gratitude that he is now equipped to be a better husband and a better dad to his son Liam. 

“You can’t really put that into words, and I haven’t even fully experienced it yet. So I know that I am grateful and I’m sure I’ll be more grateful every day that goes by.”

This makes Landwermeyer proud to pay it forward. 

“We see it as a moral obligation to the country to take care of these veterans and their families. They volunteered, served, sacrificed and we can’t repay that debt. It’s impossible to completely repay that debt. But with this home we can start,” he says. 

Homes for Our Troops is a non-profit, running completely on donations and sponsors to build these houses for veterans all across the country. You donate to their cause on their website.