KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL)- For the first time Friday we heard from a man the Sullivan County Sheriff has called a ‘hero’ after authorities say he stopped a gunman in a Colonial Heights dentist office. 

Larry Seagroves was a patient inside Dr. David Guy’s office the morning of February 13th, when he said he heard yelling, screaming, and gunshots.

Seagroves took the stand Friday morning in a Kingsport courtroom during a bond hearing for the suspect, Harry Weaver

Seagroves, a carry permit holder, described for the courtroom what he did that morning once he heard the commotion.

“I got up, I spun around, pulled my revolver, and saw Mr. Weaver with, pointing his gun at Kelly and at Sabrina, and I began firing. I fired three times,” Seagroves said. 

In an interview with News Channel 11’s Josh Smith on February 13th, Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy described Seagroves as a hero.

“…everything I’ve heard, he was flawless in his execution, his stopping, eliminating the threat, holding the threat down until law enforcement arrived,” Cassidy said.

Seagroves went on to explain in court Friday that once he shot Harry Weaver, “I looked for his gun immediately, and found it laying at my feet and I kicked it down the hallway.” 

When speaking to Seagroves on the stand the state asked if Harry Weaver was speaking to him at this point.

Seagroves said, “Yeah, he was mocking me, he says hero, he says why didn’t you kill me? Just shoot me in the head, shoot me in the head…and he was yelling at Sabrina, Sabrina give me my gun so I can kill myself.” 

He then explained how he held Weaver down until police arrived, “I just stood there.” Seagroves said. “…and held my gun on him, and he tried to get up once, and I just pushed him back down with my foot.” 

On Friday a Kingsport judge kept Harry Weaver’s bond at $1 million. 

The next court date is set for May.