Emergency crews were called to a vacant trailer in Lebanon Monday after a car crashed into the house, causing a pipe to rupture and spill hundreds of gallons of kerosene in a ditch.

Jess Powers with Russell County Emergency Management said Hazmat crews were called to the house on Barton Drive. 

According to Powers, an unoccupied Toyota Prius rolled down a hill and crashed into the trailer. The trailer was knocked off its foundation, causing the floor to separate from the structure. 

The crash also caused a tank with approximately 200 gallons of red kerosene to tip over at the back of the trailer, which spilled into a ditch. 

Powers said the kerosene ran almost 300 feet down the ditch, under a driveway drain pipe before crews could stop the flow.

An environmental cleanup contractor is expected to be hired by the vehicle owner’s insurance company today, Powers said.