CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – A local principal entertained her fellow educators and spread some smiles as she borrowed some of Dolly Parton’s music to describe teaching during a pandemic.

Happy Valley Elementary School Principal Mandy Greer told News Channel 11 that she wanted to bring a smile to the face of those in education with her parody of “9 to 5.”

Walking into an empty classroom, knowing that my first Zoom is real soon, scared to death that I won’t do things right
First kid joins and my heart starts pumping, Billy’s over there on the bed jumping, this might not be good for teaching vibes
Zooming 8 to 3, what a way to teach a lesson
Students won’t be quiet, I need everyone a’ listenin’

Mandy Greer

When she posted the video to Facebook, Greer said in the caption, “Teachers, YA’LL ARE ROCKSTARS day in and day out. Proud to be a part of this profession, and thankful for my tribe.”

You can watch her entire song below: