Week 4 TV-11 Player of the Week is Cherokee QB Collin Trent


ROGERSVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – When Cherokee breaks the huddle there’s a good chance No. 8 will make a play.

“I mean I feel like I can run the ball or throw the ball, so I could hurt you either way,” said quarterback Collin Trent.

He does more than just hurt defenses he dismantles them.

In last weeks 45-17 victory over Morristown West the senior racked up over 360 total yards and six touchdowns, but more importantly, it moves the Chiefs record to 3-0.

“When you blow somebody out, it’s a great feeling and we’re not at full potential yet, but each practice and we’ll improve and get there one day,” Trent said.

And he’s is the perfect leader to guide the Chiefs to their final destination.

“He loves to win and I think he hates losing more than he loves to win, so that’s always important, his team feeds off him,” said head coach Cody Baugh.

“I feel like I can see the field pretty darn good, I have a strong arm, I try to use it and sometimes I use my feet, so I have a variety of skills and I just try to use them to help the team win,” Trent said.

“He makes a lot of plays on his own and if a play breaks down he’s able to make plays with his feet and he’s good at looking downfield and finding open guys as well,” said Coach Baugh.

But Trent thrives just as well off the field.

“You can trust him, know where he’s going to be when he’s going to be there and a 4.0, 23 act and he’s in the first priority FCA,” Baugh said.

“Luckily I have a great family that supports me in everything I do and without them, I’d probably be nowhere, so I give all the glory to God and my family,” Trent added.

The senior is also receiving plenty of encouragement to play at the next level.

“The attention is starting to show up and more and more schools are starting to recognize him and were sharing his highlight film without a lot of different places and with his grades and test scores and all that stuff, he’s getting a lot more attention,” Baugh said.

“I mean it’s going good, what hurts me is my size and I hate that, but I feel like with my heart and my desire of the game that I love, I will outdo the people with height,” Trent said.

If Trent keeps performing at this pace he’ll do more than surpass the vertically gifted.

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