Week 11 TV-11 Player of the week is Grundy running back Gabe Fiser


Gabe Fiser has had a record-breaking senior season at Grundy and Friday night, he added another record to his olden wave legacy.

“There’s been so many good people that have come through and just trying to cement my name in there, hopefully.”

He doesn’t need to hope anymore. Fiser rushed for 282 yards and 4 touchdowns Friday against Tazewell. that performance pushing Fiser’s rushing total this season to 2,183 yards, a new-school record.

“Something I’ve looked forward to since I was real small. just little records and, yeah they’re records,  but like little milestones I was always wanting to hit whenever i was real small. I’ve played with these guys forever and they’ve helped me get there, I’m happy for that.”

“He’s had to kind of carry us as far as tailbacks been. so when you get those extra touches you get an extra few yards and his line’s been super for him and they’ve kind of taken it as a personal goal themselves.”
While Fiser has been lighting up opposing defense’s this season, he’s even better on the mat. a 3 time wrestling state champion, and credits his skills on the mat for his breakout year on the turf.

“Being able to stay low and just work hard, hard, hard. wrestling’s a workload as it is and football, whenever you’re getting 30 touches a game it’s tiring. They correlate with each other a lot.”

“Gabe has taken as much pride in this football season as he has his years in wrestling. I think it’s because of football is team oriented and wrestling’s just a little different. but he’s been really surrounded by a good group of kids here and he’s taken a lot of pride in football.”

“Gabe, on behalf of Watauga Orthopaedics and Champion Chevrolet, congratulations on being selected as the player of the week.”

In Grundy, Kane O’Neill, News Channel 11 sports.”

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