Tennessee Volunteers begin fall practice with head coach Jeremy Pruitt


Knoxville, TN — Also on the football field today were theTennesseee volunteers, who began their second season under head coach Jeremy Pruitt at the helm of the Volunteers’ football program as UT opened fall camp.
Pruitt expected his squad to be much improved when the players took Haslam field this afternoon, but he admits it’s still hard to tell what exactly he has while the players are still in shorts.

“You are out there with no pads on so I’m sure there are some guys that looked really good today that probably won’t be a football player and there are probably some guys out there that looked really bad when you put the pas on they will show up that’s usually how it happens so it’s hard to tell when you don’t have pads on basically can figure out who knows the most and that usually comes with who has the most experience.”

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