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On Saturday, Ed Reed announced that he would no longer be coaching Bethune-Cookman after the school decided not to ratify his contract. According to Reed, the school declined to give him the necessary resources for success.

Bethune-Cookman first chose to hire Reed in late December, and since the former Ravens safety has been critical of the school’s facilities and conditions.

Reed took the job initially in part because of Deion Sanders’s success at Jackson State. After Reed announced the latest update, Sanders gave him advice based on his perspective on the situation.

“We talked about this, we know the structure, we know the order, and we know how it was going to play out,” Sanders told Reed. “And you have been there fighting. I know what you are feeling and I know what you are going through. You've got to understand that God has a time and place for you, my brother, and I know your heart and everything going on inside of you. I know you like a book. I know how you feel about them kids, and that you do not want to leave those kids.”

Despite his desire to see HBCUs succeed, Sanders told Reed he understands why he had to make this decision.

“I am praying for you right now, man, because I know this is the toughest thing you’ve ever had to do in your life. Sometimes you have to walk away my brother. I know it’s tough I know you don’t want to hear it, but sometimes in life, we have to walk away,” Sanders continued. “You did not let nobody down, Ed, and you did not let no kids down. You did what you were called to do, and you tried your best.”

In an Instagram post made after his initial tweet, Reed said that the move was not his decision, stating, “I am NOT withdrawing my name as the Head Coach at Bethune Cookman. The administration and the AD are forcing me out.”

Sanders coached at Jackson State for three years, going 27–6 over that span with back-to-back SWAC titles, before taking the Colorado job in December.