Ryan Powell Hosts Local Lacrosse Camp


National Lacrosse Hall of Famer Ryan Powell aimed to expose and encourage kids about lacrosse at his local camp he held Monday in Kingsport.

Powell, who was a four-time All-American at Syracuse and was the first fully endorsed Nike lacrosse athlete in 2004, wanted to give kids a chance to experience the game.

“Hopefully we come into Kingsport and give the kids our passion and give them some teaching lessons here that can help elevate their games and potentially they’ll go on to the next level get a scholarship and who knows they might end up being a pro,” Powell said.

Kingsport Knights lacrosse coach Chris Bell knows it doesn’t take much for a kid to get passionate about the sport.

“So far as we’ve seen every kid that has ever come out and played have absolutely feel in love with it and that’s it one time out and they are hooked,” Bell said. “One more example of how the sport is growing when these guys are willing to come to our areas, it’s been popular in little pockets around the United States for along time and it’s just expanding exponentially.”

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