Rumbling Bald Resort in Lake Lure, NC host the 9th annual Battle of the Smokies golf tournament


After a one year hiatus the Battle of the Smokies ( a golf tournament between Tennessee and North Carolina media) returned and this time it was held at Rumbling Bald resort in Lake Lure, North Carolina. It attracts guests from around the world and after a three day visit I understand why.

Rumbling Bald resort in western North Carolina once played host to the likes of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray during the filming of Dirty Dancing.
   Even though that movie was filmed in the 80’s many still visit the 16th green which was the site of a prominent scence in the movie.
  “There are people that come from all over the country just to be on site the 16th hole which you will play today is actually the scence where she’s asking her day for money and it’s a putting green in the movie so a lot people come to just go stand on that green they get a big kick out of it and we are happy they do.”
    While the resort features two great and different golf courses the mountain is still the most significant natural feature at Rumbling Bald.
 “Everybody comes through and says geez what a beautiful spot the mountains the lake and even the golf course and it would be a shame to have all the beauty around you and have your eye stuck into a phone. So, it’s our mission to get people to just enjoy it and relax and reconnect with some of the beauty of our world.”
    So that’s why Rumbling Bald offers a little bit of everything to the young and old. from hiking, fishing, swimming, basketball, tennis, chess, boating and above all relaxation in the Western Carolina mountains.
 “We are really a cool place to come and hang out and get away from it all it’s hidden and kind of a gem and we are hoping with activities like this we’ll get the word out to more people we’ll get more people to come and enjoy the beauty of the place.”

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