NASCAR driver Christopher Bell Test Next Gen car at Bristol Motor Speedway


Bristol, TN — There was a little thunder in the valley this morning at the Bristol Motor Speedway, as NASCAR driver Christopher Bell was in town to test the “Next Gen” stock car at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

The Next Gen car, formerly known as the Gen-7 car, is the common name for the new race car that will be used in the NASCAR Cup Series starting in 2022.
The Next Gen is an all-new platform aimed at reducing operating costs and making the race cars look more like the production cars they are based on and it will feature improved aero and downforce packages while introducing new technologies on the track.
The carcass of the Next Gen car, will be assembled with carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic panels which means interaction with another driver or with the wall will have fewer consequences … They will also be cheaper for teams to repair by only requiring a panel to be replaced rather than an entire body side.

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