Bristol, TN — Earlier this morning former NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace and Ben Rhodes the defending truck series champion at Bristol took the media for a ride around the dirt surface at Bristol Motor Speedway which is almost completely ready. The April race will be the 489 race on dirt tracks…And while some think the dirt should have remained a thing of the past, dirt racing expert Kenny Wallace disagrees.

“We’re in a time right now where NASCAR needs to change a little bit. You know, we see the, you know, the Coliseum race out there in L.A. We see the street course in Chicago. We see, you know, Darlington doing the throwback. We’re in a different era in life. Life has changed So one dirt race a year is not going to hurt anybody going to be a show. And the TV ratings are awfully high last year. And let’s remember, that’s why we’re back again, because the TV ratings were really big. So here we are again.”

During the first two decades of the NASCAR Cup Series a majority of the races were contested on tracks with a dirt surface.