Drivers will be aggressive for the dash for cash at Bristol Motor Speedway


Bristol, TN — The clock is ticking on the green flag to drop at the Bristol Motor Speedway on July 15th for the annual all-star race.

For years there has been talking about moving the all-star race out of charlotte, where it’s been for 34 years, in fact, the only time the facility didn’t host the dash for cash was in 1986 when it was in Atlanta.

Hoping to pump a little more excitement into the all-star race there had been talking of racing a short track, road course, or superspeedway.

That opportunity finally presented itself when the current data surrounding the pandemic in North Carolina made bristol the best option to host the event this year.

“It’s one of those things you have heard teams talk about and drivers said yeah that would be fun to have the all-star race in Bristol and then I think when it really happened I think you heard some of them It’s kind of like the dog who caught the bus what are we going to now without having that restriction knowing you need to keep yourself in the race towards the front for points and season implications that’s off the table so when that person is running 4th, 5th or 6th and they feel like they have the stronger car and some people are holding up in front I think we all know what is going to happen says Jerry Caldwell Bristol Motor Speedway VP and GM.”

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