BMS celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Earnhardt/Labonte clash


Charlotte, NC — The last great colosseum was the setting for one of NASCAR most epic finishes. 20 years ago Dale Earnhardt and Terry Labonte battled to the very end with Earnhardt spinning Labonte in turn two for the checkered flag

On Tuesday numerous personalities relived the event at the NASCAR Hall of Fame

Richard Childress, owner of Richard Childress racing/Earnhardt’s car

“He didn’t mean to wreck him, he and I talked and I think really Terry knows that he didn’t mean to wreck him, he did mean to get against him and he was going to try and push him up the track where he could get under him and pass him.”

“Seeing his face when he pulled into victory lane and hearing 140,000 people voicing their opinion one way or the other and with various gestures from different fingers, I think that caught him by surprise.”

Terry Labonte, No. 5 Kellogg’s driver in 1999 night race

“There were a lot of people there that weren’t his fans that were drowning out his fans, so I don’t think I’ve ever been to a race that I heard like that like as loud as that.”

So Earnhardt made sure he pled his case.

“Terry got into me between three and four, I was going to get back to him and just rattle him, I wasn’t going to wreck him.”

But even before the incident everyone knew Labonte was a threat as he pitted during a caution after lap 490.

Larry McReynolds

“I knew those four fresh tires are going to be miracle workers for terry. can he get there and if he gets there, considering who’s leading this race, Dale Earnhardt, it’s going to be very interesting.”

Jerry Punch

“He has to pass mark martin, which he did on the first lap, then he had to pass Jeff Gordon and he had to pass Tony Stewart and then he had to catch Earnhardt and then he had to pass him he did that in four laps.”

Terry Labonte

“I’ve seen some exciting finishes at Bristol, it’s a great racetrack and for it to still be able to be in the top five finishes is pretty something.”

As for Earnhardts motives behind the bump and run…theres only one conclusion…

Jerry Punch

“You knew it was bristol and you’re going to do whatever it takes, whether your name is Earnhardt, Labonte, Harvick or Busch, when it comes to those final laps at Bristol, you’re going to take the win.”

Chocolate Myers, Gas man for Dale Earnhardt

“It didn’t matter to me, whatever he did was okay with us. we went up there to win the race, Dale Earnhardt is the only guy that did exactly what he went up there to do, he won the race.”

Well in just two weeks theres a chance the last great coliseum will showcase another historic battle

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